After some extensive glaze tests, we are really happy with these results!

Listed on Ebay, this one is spectacular!  One of a kind with subtile pinks, yellows, blues, and creams.  Very artistically done, the overall effect is that of pearl shimmer.  I really love how this one turned out!  I've never seen anything like this.






We found some clay on Craigslist in buckets.  We love repurposing so this was right up our alley.  Here is one of the pots made from this mystery clay.  The Puddle Pot is actually 2 pots thrown at the same time.  Although there are holes where the braided fibers come out, the inside of the pot is water tight.  The glaze is a squash colored orange peel with touches of green.  To see more of the pottery click this link:


Highly Sought After

Amazing tree in process! If you are a lover of these ceramic Christmas trees this one is super rare.  Tree looks like a natural spring from Yellowstone where rock has that flowing movement from years of water and sediment deposits.  Some folks call these lava trees.  Currently there are two in the works; one is being glazed to look like rose quartz rock and the other will be glazed to mimic the coloring of a Yellowstone spring.  Both will be completed with clear lights.


Coming soon!  Unique hand made pottery featuring beads, mosaics, bright colors, and more!